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World’s Oldest Pearl

The unassuming object to the left is actually the world’s oldest pearl, unearthed by French researchers at a Neolithic site in the Arabian Peninsula: Discovered in the Emirate of Umm al Quwain, United Arab Emirates [...]

Crazy Penalty Kick

(Video Link) Last Sunday, the UAE defeated Lebanon 6-2. Awana Diab scored a goal with a creative penalty kick that was struck with his heel: Diab’s setup seemed like any other for a penalty, but as he ran up to the ball, he stopped, turned around and backheeled the it toward the goal. Stunned by the audacity, [...]

A Building That Looks Like a Set of Wings

Pictured above is a design submission for the Zayed National Museum in the United Arab Emirates. The project is named after Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918-2004), who was president of the UAE. In memory of the Sheik’s love of falconry, the main structures are shaped like wings. But they also serve a practical [...]

The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster

Formula Rossa, the new roller coaster in Abu Dhabi travels 1.2 miles in only a minute and a half, reaching speeds of up to 150mph! But what else would you expect for a theme park called Ferrari World? Harnessing the same technology that powers fighter planes off aircraft carriers, the rollercoaster’s carriage travels the ride’s 2.07 [...]

Sculptures Made From Tires

Recycle, reuse, rethink how we look at garbage. Tires are an especially volatile item, as they take up space and emit terrible fumes when burned. Check out Oddee’s collection of creative sculptures made from discarded tires. Link | Above example found at mo_metalart’s Flickr set. Previously on Neatorama – Tired. Update 10/15/09 by Alex: The artist is Mirko [...]

6,600 Miles Away: Bahraini Artists

Reader Paul A. lives in Bahrain, part of a region whose artists have not yet been covered in “Feel Art Again.” While much less information is available (especially in English) on Bahraini artists (and artists from other small countries), I focused on Bahraini artists today because it’s important for us to remember that there are [...]