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The Complicated World of Modern Baby Naming

Way back when, parents used to name their kids whatever they like and that’s the end of that. Then came the Internet, and baby naming suddenly became a bit more complicated: Fast forward to after a baby is born, and it’s becoming more [...]

Navy SEAL Team 6’s Next Target: Disney!

Osama bin Laden was one thing, but The Mouse? I think the Navy’s SEAL Team 6 is in for bruiser of a fight. You see, it has a new bigger and badder adversary: Disney and its team of lawyers. SEAL Team 6 isn’t going down without a fight.The Navy is challenging Disney’s attempt to trademark the [...]

Dietribes: Hot Sauce

• Tabasco sauce is like Kleenex or Band Aids, or even Coca-Cola here in the South — a brand name that has become a catch-all for products bearing its likeness. Of course, these products achieved household-name status because of their market dominance, but in the following facts I will attempt to call Tabasco by name when [...]