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A Day Trip to Chicago

What do you do with only one day in Chicago? My family recently went there for a biannual reunion that I explained in a similar post a few years ago. Since then, the families have grown by one husband (mine) and five stepchildren (although only the youngest goes to the reunions). With only one full [...]

Tattoo Design Has Now Peaked

Pip Foweraker is a thoughtful, careful man, so he spent considerable time contemplating what he would like to have as his first and possibly only tattoo. His friends advised against the whole idea. After all, what will it look like when he’s old? Tattoos are, practically speaking, forever. So Foweraker established a general principle to [...]

Tyrannosaurus bite was world’s strongest

Scientists believe Tyrannosaurus rex had the strongest bite of any creature that ever lived. Researchers used a laser scan of a Tyrannosaurus fossil t…

T-Rex Sculpture Made Out Of Recycled Metal Parts

As if T-Rex, the big daddy of dinosaurs with a serious appetite to match, isn’t badass enough in the scaly flesh, now he’s been built out of scrap metal parts by sculptor Andrew Chase. And, while this over two foot tall, and six foot long, metal sculpture is far from life sized, he would be no [...]

T. Rex: Fatso?

Ah, T. Rex: Fierce … ferocious … fat? Paleontologist John R. Hutchinson and colleagues led the study that suggested that the king of dinosaur was way plumper than previously thought: “We knew she was big but the 30 percent increase in her weight [...]

T-Rex Skeleton in Balloons

Larry Moss calls his website “Airigami”, or “the fine art of folding air”. He’s crafted numerous complex works from balloons, such as the above tyrannosaurus rex skeleton. Moss also recreates classic works of art, such as Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus and da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, with balloons. Artist’s Website -via Geekosystem | Previously by [...]

Tyrannosaurus rex may have hunted in packs

If you think having one Tyrannosaurus rex chasing you sounds bad, imagine a whole pack of them. Scientists believe dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex…

Giant cousin of T. rex identified

A large predatory therapod dinosaur similar to Tyrannosaurus rex has been discovered. Named Zhuchengtyrannus magnus it is thought to have been four me…

Single-Fingered Dinosaur Discovered

80 million years ago, the Linhenykus monodactylus scratched its lottery tickets with only one finger: Meat-eating dinosaurs were very good at finding food, thus their evolutionary success over some 165 million years. But during their time on earth, they kept losing something that might seem important: their fingers. The earliest carnivorous dinosaurs had five fingers, although [...]

Was T-Rex the fastest predator of all time ?

Far from a sluggish scavanger it is now believed that Tyrannosaurus Rex could outrun any prey. The exact nature of the largest predator ever to walk t…