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Non-melting chocolate invented

Food experts at Cadbury’s have developed a new type of chocolate that doesn’t melt in hot weather. An achievement even Willy Wonka himself would be en…

Antique Steam Shovel Still Going Strong

This Erie Steam Shovel Type B was built in 1925. It’s not ready to retire yet. Here it is moving dirt at the International Plowing Match in Teeswater, Ontario in 2008. Link -via New Jovian Thunderbolt

Ancient Americans consumed ‘vomit drink’

A special type of caffeinated drink made from holly leaves was all the rage one thousand years ago. Evidence of the drink was discovered at the site o…

Classic Star Trek Gear in LEGO

With this medical tricorder, Type 2 hand phaser and communicator by LEGO artist Tommy Williamson, you’re ready for the landing party. Also, put on this red shirt. Yes, I know that you work in navigation. But for just this mission, put it on. Link -via Nerdcore Previously by Tommy Williamson: Cheeseburger & Fries LEGO Podracers Monty Python and the [...]

Diabetes in the USA

We’ve been told before that more and more Americans are getting Type 2 diabetes (which is brought upon by obesity), but you may be surprised that the geographical distribution of the disease is actually quite striking*. Healthline compiled data from CDC’s Behavioral [...]

Angler baffled by ‘Frankenfish’ catch

Mark Sawyer got more than he bargained for when he reeled in a very unusual and bizarre type of fish. Weighing just under 2lb and caught in Cambridge,…

Intricate Japanese Movable Type Sets

It boggles the mind to think about typesetting in Asian languages with the huge number of different characters! But still, the world’s first moveable type was invented in China, centuries before Gutenberg’s printing press. Master custom printer Takuma Nakagawa tells about storing and retrieving Japanese characters: “You have to remember each place for each word – [...]

Determining Migratory Patterns of Early Humans — With Earwax!

Dan Lewis runs the popular daily newsletter Now I Know (“Learn Something New Every Day, By Email”). To subscribe to his daily email, click here. Earwax is mostly gross, but it serves a few purposes: protecting our ear canals from bacteria and dryness, assisting in cleaning and lubrication, and — surprisingly — helping anthropologists determine the [...]

Russian scientists develop miracle dressing

A new type of nano-dressing developed in Siberia could revolutionise the way in which wounds are healed. The drug-free treatment known as VitaVallis c…

Copper Underpants

A Chilean company called Monarch has developed a new type of underwear that, it claims, makes you cleaner: It’s like this: copper is merged with polyamide and the result is a type of oil that’s then turned into a wire. Machines take these wires and weave them inside the undie fabric so that the processed metal [...]