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Dexter Intro

(YouTube link) Ty Mattson constructed an alternate show intro for the Showtime series Dexter that is reminiscent of Saul Bass’ movie titles from the ’60s. Groovy! The video is based on a series of posters Mattson created, which you can see at his site. Link -Thanks, Ty!

The Most Prolific Fathers in History

Did you know that King Mongkut of Siam, the real-life inspiration for The King & I, sired an amazing 81 children? As if that weren’t impressive enough on its own, consider the fact that he was a celibate monk from the time he turned 20 until he turned 27. He had a whole lot of [...]

10 Unbelievably Dangerous Doctors

Walter Freeman was one of the biggest proponents of the “ice pick” lobotomy, performing more than 3,000 during his lifetime. He’s one of the ten most dangerous doctors to have ever lived and you can read more about him and the rest of these men in this great article. Link

The Beanie Babies Bubble

© Kevin Horan/Corbis Nothing says “Destined to hold its value indefinitely” quite like a teddy bear stuffed with plastic pellets. Or so collectors thought in the late 1990s, when Beanie Babies, the plush stuffed animal brainchild of Ty Inc. founder Ty Warner, were sweeping the national collecting market. But what made these little stuffed critters a [...]

10 Doomsday Cults

Many religious cults are based on apocalypticism, the belief that the world is going to end. Check out ten such beliefs, their founders, and followers. One such cult is the Panacea Society. In 1792, part-time fortune teller Joanna Southcott started collecting “divine revelations” and had them sealed in a box with strict instructions to open it [...]