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Olympic Pool Cam Pics

The London Olympics Pools Cams have a Twitter feed! These cameras record the swimmers from below, giving us a very different view of what’s going on in the water. Buzzfeed posted a collection of some of the best. Shown here is American medalist Ryan Lochte. Link

Spanish Olympics Team Uniform: You Get What You Pay For

Photo: Alex Fabregas/Twitter Remember that brouhaha over Team America’s Olympics uniform? Well, they’re super stylish when compared to what Spanish Olympians have to wear: With Spain on the brink of bankruptcy, its Olympic committee decided [...]

Using Twitter To Identify Psychopaths

Recent research says that psychopaths have discernible patterns in their writing. That study was done by Cornell researchers using conventional long form writing by known psychopaths. Chris Sumner of the Online Privacy Foundation along with Florida Atlantic University and Kaggle applied that idea to Twitter to see if psychopathy could be predicted from Tweets. They [...]

How NASA’s Curiosity Rover Will Land

In just three weeks, NASA’s Curiosity rover will land on Mars…except that the “landing” is more like controlled crashing. In this dramatic video, engineers explain how the landing is supposed to go. It involves a supersonic parachute, last-minute radar measurements, and rocket motors. You can bet that come August 5, we’ll be [...]

The Missing Links: Fantastic Non-Fiction Names

Taking Lincoln Liberties Let’s get a few things straight about our 16th president. Abe Lincoln was never abducted by two time-traveling California teenagers for a school report. He was never actually a vampire hunter. And he did not, as a new novel imagines, survive the assassination attempt on his life and get impeached. Here are some cool [...]

Meet the Maker of a Twitter Bot That Fools Humans

Do you think that all of your Twitter followers are human? Well, it used to be easy to spot "Bimbots," fake online accounts used in spamming or phishing attacks, but some Twitter bots are [...]

Classic Cartoon Character Twitter Art

Are you a Tweetaholic looking for a fun way to show your love for classic cartoons? Then take note of these works of Twitter Art by Gregory Wadsworth, an illustrator with an eye for adding character to 140 word tweets. They’re sure to make most people on Twitter go “who’s that?” Link  –via Cartoon Brew


This Twaggie was illustrated from a Tweet by an intriguing Twitter account named @VeryShortStory. Be sure to bookmark Twaggies for new illustrated Tweets every day! Link

Kids These Days

This tweet from @DadBeard brought him hundreds of new Twitter followers. Is it because of the ridiculous mistake on the student’s part or because of the facetious response? Link

If You Could Do It Again, Would You Choose the Same College?

On Fridays, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else’s reply, whatever you want. On to this week’s topics of discussion… Graduation image via Shutterstock 1. Thinking back to your college experience and knowing everything you do now, do you think you chose [...]