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Could Identical Twins Get Away With Murder?

What happens when a crime is committed and the suspect blames it on an identical twin? The fact that they look alike throws a monkey wrench into eyewitness accounts, and their DNA is identical, too. Often such cases -and there are plenty of real-life cases- end up with no one convicted. But that might change [...]

Twin Peaks Intro-Parks And Rec Style

(YouTube Link) Using the motion graphics style and song from the Parks and Recreation tv show seems to have given some of the characters from Twin Peaks a slightly different feel: the Man From Another Place seems less sinister, Sheriff Truman looks more intense, and Donna is way more weepy. Boy, Twin Peaks sure looks like [...]

The Late Movies: Twin Peaks Parodies

Yesterday’s post about a never-made video game based off cult-classic Twin Peaks had me thinking about Agent Cooper, Laura Palmer, Bob, the Log Lady and the rest of cast of David Lynch’s TV drama. Here, I’ve rounded up some parodies to keep you feeling mysterious. AFI Presents: TV Or Not TV? This 1990 special stars Michael McKean, [...]

“Twin Peaks” as an Atari Game

Have you ever wondered what a Twin Peaks video game would look like? Apparently there were plans for a Nintendo game that never made it off the ground. Now coder/musician Jak Locke has created a sort of Atari 2600/NES-ish game based on the last episode of the show. Spoilers abound, of course! [...]

The Twin Towers in Film

(vimeo link) The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center may be gone, but they live on in film. Dan Meth put together this supercut of the buildings’ many appearances in movies. Here’s a list of the movies the towers were seen in.  -via The Desonesto Doctrine

Evil Twins from ’60s Television

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website. The “evil twin” is a very old plot device in many forms of entertainment. Edgar Allan Poe used the device in the short story William Wilson. The story (almost a perfect pattern to the much later “evil twins” [...]

Damn Fine “Twin Peaks” Coffee Ads from Japan

I’m a Twin Peaks fan, and like to think I know a little trivia about the show. But it was news to me that in 1993 David Lynch directed a series of Twin Peaks-themed TV ads for the Japanese canned coffee-flavored drink called Georgia, made by Coca-Cola. According to LynchNet: These commercials were done for the [...]

Papercraft Stop Motion Animated Music Video about Star Wars

(Video Link) Jeremy Messersmith composed and performed a love song entitled “Tatooine”. It begins like this: Twin suns of Tatooine Taught me everything I know Twin suns of Tatooine Taught me everything I know There’s room up there for second chances Singles are fine but doubles are fantastic I’d like to think that there’s a star for me and you Spinning round, falling for [...]

Update: Lakshmi Tatma Starts School

Neatorama readers may remember Lakshmi Tatma, the little girl who was born with eight limbs due to a headless parasitic twin. The twin was surgically removed two years ago. Lakshmi is now four years old and has started school, but her physical problems are not over. Six months after the complex operation to remove Lakshmi’s parasitic [...]