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Understanding Twilight

I get it now, I understand Twilight. It’s a classic high school love story really, at its core. Girl feels misunderstood, strange boy understands her – they live misunderstood together. Well maybe it isn’t all that simple but you get the gist. Link

Top 10 Most Read Books In The World

I had an inclination that The Bible would be number one, but I had no idea by how much. I think it is a little skewed because of the chosen statistics. For one, it is over the last 50 years – which is a long span of time. The firstHarry Potter book wasn’t published until [...]

Tugger the Puppy

You know your day is entering into the twilight hours of productivity when you watch the same puppy video five times over. I can’t help it, ok! He is so damn cute. I know I am a grown man and cute things should have no affect on me, but let’s be real guys. They do. [...]

Vampires at Sea and Other Wacky Cruises

Do you love the Twilight series? Good news! There’s a cruise ship experience designed specifically for you. The Vamp Cruise tours along the coast of Alaska and British Columbia. Everything on board caters to the needs of fans of the “sparkling vampire genre.” It’s one of eighteen oddly themed cruises described at the Travel Channel, including [...]

Amazing Twilight Sparkle Automaton

(Video Link)  Turn the crank of renegadecow’s automaton, and My Little Pony’s Twilight Sparkle reads and turns the page while Spike puts books away: Twilight Sparkle loves to read. And she’s just so cute when she’s at it! A passion for literature is something I share with this adorkable pony and so the idea for an automaton [...]

A Professional Assessment of Twilight Sparkle as a Librarian

In “The Return of Harmony,” the demon Discord threatens to destroy Equestria. Twilight Sparkle’s friends are picked off one by one, until she alone is left to find a means to defeat him. She immediately runs to her library and searches her collection for the answer. She finds inside one volume the mystical Elements of [...]

31 Awesome Book Sculptures

Sure, the best thing you can do with an average book is read it, but when it comes to out dated textbooks and the Twilight series, book art is also a good solution. Over on WebUrbanist you can check out 31 fantastic examples of book sculptures that show just how much variety there can be [...]

Finally A Great Use For Those Twilight Novels

My apologies to those of you who might actually like Twilight, but I’m sure you already know that there are plenty of others who would gladly carve up your sparkly vampires into beautiful planters. Since the link to the original source is broken, here’s one to a different tutorial to make your own. Link Via Craftzine

Bella’s Hair Comb Twilight Breaking Dawn

Bella’s Hair Comb – $27.95 Is there a “Twihard” on your Christmas list? Why not get them a beautiful prop replica from the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn movie. The NeatoShop has a limited number of Bella’s Hair Combs available. This beautiful piece comes in a blue velvet presentation box. This is a great gift for any [...]

The Late Movies: Twilight Parodies

The movie Breaking Dawn Part One opened today, and all the Twihards are probably at the theater right now, so it’s probably safe to show some spoofs and parodies of the various Twilight series movies. Twilight (The First Movie) Trailer * How Twilight Should Have Ended * Buffy vs. Edward * Twilight: The Musical See the rest of the musical with these links. * New [...]