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The Turtle and the Diver

(YouTube link) A diver is just trying to do some work in the Gulf of Thailand, when a curious turtle with no sense of personal space tries to get his attention. The turtle will not be denied! -via Arbroath

Gamera, the Human-Powered Helicopter from Maryland

The Sikorsky Prize has been unclaimed since its establishment in 1980. The winner will take $250,000 for achieving a simple-sounding set of goals: make a human-powered helicopter that can fly for 60 seconds, reach an altitude of 3 meters, and remain within a 10-meter square area during that time. It turns out [...]

Turtle Pees Through Its Mouth

Image: Monika Korzeniec/Wikimedia Everything pees, even the weird-looking Chinese soft-shelled turtle. But not everything pees through its mouth, unlike the aforementioned creature: When the turtle breaks down proteins in its liver, it ends up with [...]

Machine Animals

Nicolas Lampert, whose work Meatscape was featured on Neatorama a while ago, is back with a series of artwork called machine-animals. My favorite is easily the Turtle Tank above! Take a look: Link

Fossilized Copulating Turtle Couple Discovered In Germany

These shell backed lovers were fossilized while doing the nasty around 47 million years ago, and now have the distinction of being the only vertebrate fossils ever found frozen in the act of making love. The mating couple were found in a German quarry called the Messel Pit, where five more pairs of copulating turtle couples [...]

This Turtle Is Determined to Protect His Hood

(Video Link) Cats are not welcome to mess around on this turtle’s property, even if their food is scattered all over his porch.

Roller Coaster Walkway

Photo: Eichental/Flickr Look closely. See something odd about the photo above? That’s right, folks – that’s the Crouching Tiger and Turtle, a roller coaster walkway in Duisberg, Germany. Kuriositas has the story: It stands about eleven meters in height and is part of the [...]

Ancient & Marvelous Turtles

“QUANTUM SHOT” #720 Link – article by Avi Abrams Secret of their survival? - They go inside their shell for a long time and THINK. Then, they ACT. Or rather, don’t. Turtles are old species. How old? They existed before mammals, birds, crocodiles and lizards… some say even before the dinosaurs themselves, well into the Triassic period (more info). They [...]

Plastic Content of a Sea Turtle

Photo: Plastic debris found in the gastrointestinal content of a juvenile green turtle captured in Argentina / Victoria González Carman. Stomach contents of a juvenile sea turtle accidentally captured off the coast of Argentina reveals just how polluted our ocean is with plastic: About 0.25 percent of all plastic ends up in the ocean. That might not [...]


“For two (2) dollars I will call your friend or enemy or boss or whoever and pretend to be a turtle for up to two (2) minutes. I am the first and best company for your turtlecall needs — the copycats may be cheaper but they barely even sound like real turtles.” This is the [...]