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The WKRP Turkey Drop

The 1978 episode of WKRP in Cincinnati called “Turkeys Away,” in which the radio station staged a Thanksgiving giveaway has become a classic holiday memory -and one of the funniest TV shows ever! It’s also the subject of today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss. How many details can you recall from that show? I scored 100%. [...]

Another Turkey Dubstep

(YouTube link) The turkeys’ first dub step video from a few months ago got 2.5 million views, so they were under pressure to give their audience more. I think it went to their heads.   

The Goofiest Villains And Monsters In Horror Movie History

(Vimeo Link) Horror movies have featured some pretty horrifying creatures over the years, and they’ve also let some real turkeys take center stage. Flavorwire presents a supercut of the goofiest monsters and baddies ever featured in horror movies, and when they say goofy they mean utterly ridiculous!  –via Flavorwire

Canadian Thanksgiving Cakes

To mark the occasion of Thanksgiving, as it is celebrated in Canada today, Cake Wrecks takes a critical look at the difference between Canadian turkeys and U.S. turkeys. Of course, the comparison is done with cakes. First and foremost, Canadian turkeys carry all their tail feathers on their heads. With plenty of photographic evidence. Link

Talking Turkey

(YouTube link) A guy sees a yard of turkeys and pulls over to hold a conversation with them. I don’t know what country this is in, but some phrases are universal: “Gobble-gobble” and “hahah!” -via b3ta

Turkey Dubstep

(YouTube link) This is short and nonsensical but oh, so funny. Because they’re TURKEYS! -via The Daily What

Man Makes a Twitter Bet with His Boss, Wins $17,000

Poultry Keeper is a UK-based website for people who raise chickens, geese, and turkeys. Tim Daniels, the webmaster, tried to persuade his supervisor to see the value of Twitter. His boss didn’t believe him, so they made the wager described above. Daniels’ tweet was retweeted so many times that, by the terms of the bet, [...]

Turkeys Chase a Laser Dot

(YouTube link) You’ve seen cats chase a laser light, in real life or in videos. Turkeys will chase one, too, as long as they have appropriate music to accompany them! (via Cynical-C)

Live Turkeys Stuffed with Cocaine

Officials acting on a tip searched a bus in Tarapoto, Peru for cocaine. They had been alerted that the cocaine was in a crate of turkeys, but they didn’t see any. However, the two live turkeys appeared bloated. Police chief Otero Gonzalez said the turkeys had been surgically implanted. “Lifting up the feathers of the [...]