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5 Spy Tunnels From Around the World

Spies have more tools at their disposal than bribery, blackmail, and black bag jobs. They’ve also got pickaxes. When going undercover isn’t enough, they go underground to ply their trade. Here are five spy operations that involved digging tunnels to get the job done. 1. Operation SILVER Post-World War II Vienna was divided into four zones, each [...]

Gang dig 100ft tunnel to steal £6000

In a bizarre robbery a gang spent six months digging a tunnel to steal money from a cash machine. Digging through the dirt under the street the crimin…

‘The Great Escape’ 4th tunnel ‘George’ found

A fourth escape tunnel built by prisoners of the PoW camp Stalag Luft III has been discovered in poland. The daring escape attempt by imprionsed RAF o…

Russia Plans to Build Tunnel to Alaska

For a century, Russia and the United States have considered building a tunnel or a bridge across the 64-mile Bering Strait — the body of water that separates Siberia and Alaska. Now the Russian government is making serious plans to build a transcontinental railway and tunnel system at the cost of $65 billion: Russian officials insist [...]

12 Romantic Tree Tunnels

It’s not easy getting trees to build a tunnel -they have to grow that way! But after many years, you end up with something spectacular. Check out a list of lovely tree tunnels from around the world, blossoming, growing, dormant, and even photographed in glorious autumn color. This photo shows a tunnel in Portugal. Link [...]

‘Swamp monster’ threatens rail project

A multi-billion dollar railway tunnel project is in doubt over land patrolled by a swamp monster. The local Maori have protested the development of th…

Tunnel Vision: Cool Corridors Around the World

Who knew? A tunnel dug underneath the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea is open for tours, even though you cannot access the ground above it! This is just one of several odd and interesting corridors you can read about in a list at Atlas Obscura. Others are in Vietnam, Brooklyn, Liverpool, and Australia. [...]

Tunnel found under temple in Mexico

Archaeologists have discovered a tunnel under the Temple of the Snake in Teotihuacan, Mexico. The tunnel was discovered using a radar device and is se…

Mystery pistol uncovered

The double-barrel of an old pistol has been discovered at a New Zealand tunnel dig site. The double-barrel and other metal components of a pistol have…

Robot explores 2000-year-old tunnel

Archaeologists have used a robot to explore an ancient tunnel under the Teotihuacan ruins. Situated below a ruined temple the 2000-year-old tunnel app…