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It Would Be Awkward to Watch a Cat Eat These Sushi Rolls

Although these rolls look simple, the instructions that food blogger Von provides show how complex is the work of a sushi chef. These are made from tomato-flavored tuna. Link -via Theresa Coleman

Wasps Get Rid of Ants by Airdropping Them

Killing ants is hard and dangerous work for wasps, so they’ve developed a rather clever method of getting rid of the pesky insect: they airdrop ‘em. Julien Grangier of the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand discovered the strange behavior: “The first surprise was to see that despite being 200 times smaller, the ants are [...]

Giant Tuna Sold for $396,000

In Tokyo, a giant bluefin tuna sold at auction for a record 32.49 million yen—nearly $396,000. The price for the 754-pound tuna beat the previous record set in 2001 when a 445-pound fish sold for 20.2 million yen. What do you do with a fish that sold for $526 per pound? Make sushi. The massive tuna [...]

Star Wars + Disco + Canned Tuna = So WTF It’s Awesome!

What do you get when you cross Star Wars with disco and canned tuna? This ad for Hagoromo sea chicken tuna from Japan screams “crazy” in so many ways in just 30 seconds. Too strange too miss. The Zeray Gazette has the YouTube video clip: Link | And if you like that, check out Star Wars [...]