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Ken Burns on Storytelling and Truth

Ken Burns, creator of innumerable documentaries including The Civil War and Baseball, is the subject of a new short film about the nature of stories and storytelling. It’s compelling, smart, and complex — largely because Burns, one of America’s most famous and revered documentarians, discusses the reality of what documentary films are: that [...]

Laser Technology

Ain’t it the truth? Just like bubble wrap, mankind will always find a more amusing way to use things. Link

A World-Class Joke

You may have read the story about the Chinese re-release of the movie Titanic. The nude scene was cut from the 3D version because of fears that Chinese men would reach out and try to grab Kate Winslet’s, um, assets. James Cameron even talked about it on TV. But there was one part of the [...]

Hipster Kids Eyeglasses

Let’s face the god-awful truth: you will never ever be as hip as these hipster kids, especially when they wear those oh-so-cool Very French Gangsters prescription eyeglasses. Whodathunk that being four-eyes is now the new hotness? Link [...]

Even Superheroes Aren’t Recession Proof

The sad truth discovered by most superfolks is that saving the world doesn’t exactly pay the bills, and you’re left looking far less than heroic when you lose your day job due to the recession or a twist of fate. This photo series by Bechet Benjamin finds some spandex-clad superfolks and Disney characters at the lowest [...]

The True Story Behind Pangaea’s Separation

While your teachers may have spread lies about planetary plates shifting and causing the continents to separate, Dan Meth is brave enough to share the truth with us. Pangaea occurred when the continents were cuddling with one another, but when tensions started to rise and the honeymoon phase ended, the happy group had no choice [...]

Smart Aleck

When I tell people some of the hilarious things my son Jack has done or said over his barely-four years, they often think I’m making it up. Truth is, you just can’t make this stuff up. But what you can do is turn it into a funny comic, especially when you have the talent of [...]

The End of TV

Part truth, part REM tribute… very well done and worth watching.

Will 9/11 conspiracy theories ever stop ?

For 10 years conspiracy theorists have speculated over the truth behind the September 11th attacks. About the only thing that everyone agrees upon is …

Holy Rats of Karni Mata

It seems to be a universal truth that a thing reviled is also a thing revered, depending on location. While rats are an annoyance and a pest (as well as known harbingers of disease) in most of the world, they are sacred inhabitants of the Hindu temple of Karni Mata in India. Accidentally killing one [...]