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Elephant Custody Dispute

A new baby elephant was born Friday at the Oregon Zoo. The calf, a female, is doing fine so far. But animal rights activists discovered that although the mother belongs to the zoo, the actual owner of the yet-unnamed baby is  the private elephant ranch Have Trunk Will Travel. That discovery sparked such an outcry [...]

Man Stuck Inside Tree

Orange County Deputies in Laguna Hills, California were summoned by residents who heard screams from a creek bed Tuesday morning. They arrived to find an unnamed man stuck inside a tree trunk. Firefighters and deputies said they are not sure why, but the man climbed into a narrow hole located near the base of the tree. [...]

Man Caught With 1700 Animals In His Trunk

Talk about junk in your trunk (sorry, but I just had to). An Italian man was arrested after a routine police stop ended up with authorities seizing over 1700 animals in his trunk. Included in the bust were 216 parakeets, 300 white mice, 150 hamsters, 30 Japanese squirrels, six chameleons and over 1,000 terrapins, a [...]

Mobile Tree House

It’s a house carved out of a solid tree trunk! This astonishing mobile tree house started off life as a mobile information centre for Forestry Tasmania. It has recently sold on e-bay for AU$12,000 where it grabbed the attention of the online world. Given the inside is a bit grotty, but with TLC imagine what [...]