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One-legged driver ‘used boy as clutch’

A one-legged delivery truck driver was arrested after using his son to operate the clutch for him. The 39-year-old had lost his leg in 1996 after a gu…

Man Blew Up Like a Balloon

A 48-year-old truck driver was the victim of a bizarre accident in New Zealand. It must have been horrific, but it reads like a classic cartoon script. Steven McCormack was standing on his truck’s foot plate Saturday when he slipped and fell, breaking a compressed air hose off an air reservoir that powered the truck’s brakes. He [...]

Bollywood Mudflaps

If you see mudflaps in the US, they would most likely be on a large truck and decorated with a silhouette of the “mudflap girl” or Yosemite Sam. In India, a mudflap is an opportunity to share one’s favorite film! Meena Kadri has been collecting photographs of decorated mudflaps on rickshaws and cycle carts in [...]

Living in a Dump Truck

And you thought your place was a dump. What if you actually lived in a dump truck? This industrious person has utilized every bit of a small living space inside of an old garbage truck. See link for full gallery. Link

How Car Crash Saved A Trucker’s Life

Usually, car crashes are bad for one’s health – but as you can see in this peculiar case, the crash itself was a lifesaver for a Pennsylvania trucker: Richard M. Paylor, 55, Fairless Hills, Bucks County, told city police he was driving the rig west about 9 when he started to choke on a piece of [...]

Ticklish Camel is Ticklish

(Video Link) A camel in the back of a truck — you have a camel in the back of your truck, don’t you? — likes to be tickled. via The Breda Fallacy’s Facebook Page

The Ultimate Robot Costume

(YouTube link) This guy made a Mecha {wiki} costume for Halloween and spared no expense. Sheet metal, aircraft aluminum, and other parts: $600. Rivets, bolts, hardware: $250. Tool purchases/rentals: $200. Spraypaint: $90. Truck rental to carry costume: $210. Hours: 250+. Looking like you could take down a tank: priceless. It’s a good thing he rented a truck. That’s a lot of weight to walk [...]

Police Suspected that Alcohol was Involved

James. J. Johnson drove his truck into a house in Webster, Massachusetts. He blamed the crash on the dogs running loose in his truck. James. J. Johnson said the dogs make him lose control of his vehicle. But Webster police officers determined there were no dogs, police said. Officers also determined Johnson had been drinking, police said. [...]

Squid and Broccoli

A truck hauling 30,000 pounds of squid dumped its load into a broccoli field Tuesday near Soledad, California. The driver, a 71-year-old Oxnard man, was uninjured in the crash and no other vehicles were involved, the California Highway Patrol said. The truck was traveling south on Highway 101, south of Los Coches Road, when the driver allowed [...]

How much water does a fire truck hold?

Ever wonder how many gallons of water the average fire truck holds? I didn’t, until I witnessed a scary blaze last week in Brooklyn. I happened to catch most of it on a little HD cam, which you can check out in the video above (the last 30 seconds are especially worth watching). As NYFD [...]