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Custom Made Bumblebee TRON Crossover Figure

Tron X Bumblebee from Transformers = one amazingly cool custom action figure! It’s called “Rage Over Cybertron Bumble Bee” and if crossover figures, like this one made by figure modder Ammra, had been released when I was a wee lad I would have moved heaven and hell to get my hands on one! Link  –via Obvious Winner

What The Girls In The World of TRON Wear to Prom

Flickr user Karen Green spotted this great cosplay dress at Comic Con 2011 and appropriately titled it “like a TRON prom dress.” I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to see someone actually wearing this dress to their prom. Maybe one of our younger readers could take a little inspiration for their prom -you [...]

Armchair Field Trip: Iowa’s Stonehenge

Have you ever wanted to speed across a bridge that’s half a mile long and 13 stories in the air, pretending you’re in Tron? Yeah, me too. Good news: the next time you’re in Madrid, Iowa, you totally can. But before we get to Tron, we have to go back a few years. Hundreds of years [...]

A Tron Cycle For Your Favorite Kiddo

This Tron Light Cycle scooter just might be the ultimate kid’s toy for those aspiring to raise their children with proper reverence for all things geek. I don’t know about you guys, but I wish I had one when I was a youngster. Unfortunately, it’s only a concept at this point, but let’s hope it [...]

The Tron Legacy Light Cycle For Real

For the small sum of 55 thousand dollars you can own a replica, drivable Light Cycle from the movie Tron: Legacy. Would you buy this? This is the illuminated, street-legal motorcycle inspired by the computer animated cycle from the 2010 film Tron: Legacy. Designed for casual cruising and slow ride-bys at shows, it is made from [...]

TRON: Legacy Aerosol Mural and Light Graffiti

To promote TRON: Legacy, Walt Disney Studio commissioned Jim Vision of End of the Line (in association with Distillery Productions and Toby Summerskill) to paint a truly epic mural. Here’s the epic making of video clip (be sure to see the end for the “light graffiti” by rezine): Link – via Albotas

TRON Bambi

I doubt that this toy is licensed by Disney, but CLOT’s TRON: Legacy Bambi toy nonetheless goes on sale on Valentine’s Day. They can be found a shop called “Man Is In the Forest” in Shanghai. There are three more pictures at the link. Link via Kotaku

Tron Wars

(YouTube link) Tron and Star Wars: two classic sci-fi film franchises. Both were considerably better a few decades ago, yet are fueled by such creative ideas – not to mention rabid fans – that they remain eternally awesome, Jar-Jar be damned. We’ve seen countless Star Wars mash-ups, and not a few Tron mash-ups, so it’s actually [...]

Classic Video Game Characters in the Real World

It’s like Tron in reverse – characters from beloved games of yore are stepping off the grid and invading our reality. My lifelong dream of having a drink with Q*Bert may finally come true! 8-bitscapes, a collaboration between artist Jamie Sneddon & photographer Kevin Rozario-Johnson, brings classic video game characters to the real world, and the results are [...]

Family Guy on the Grid

We’ve seen Tron variant comic covers, we’ve seen Tron/Street Fighter mash-ups, and God help us yesterday we saw Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber in Tron outfits for some reason. So it’s high time we saw the Griffins – old-school Tron fans themselves, after all – Tron-ified. The Joe-Cycle is the icing on the cake. Link -via ~ropa-to on [...]