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Wait, You’re Not A Monkey

(Video Link) Silly rabbit, you got over the fact that Trix aren’t made for you and just moved on to yet another food not made for you. Bunnies and bananas, now that’s just plain goofy, and I’m not even going into the fact that you’re eating it while being held like a baby drinking a bottle. [...]

The Physics of Breakfast Cereal

The following is an article from Uncle John’s Heavy Duty Bathroom Reader. Americans eat nearly three billion boxes of cereal every year. And yet few of us know how Rice Krispies, Corn Pops, or any other cereal is made. Here’s a look at the science behind some of our favorite breakfast foods. (Image credit: Flickr user Snugg [...]

16 of Our Favorite Rabbits

The Lunar New Year begins on February 3rd. According to the Chinese zodiac, we will welcome the Year of the Rabbit. Rabbits are an attractive animal: they are adorably cute, relatively unthreatening, full of energy, and have those ridiculous long ears we can laugh at. Plus they seem to live for sex. Let’s take a [...]