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Art Installations That Alter Your Perception Of Space

To say that the optical art installations created by Esther Stocker are trippy would be an understatement, because they are positively mind altering! Each space evokes a unique perception shifting feeling in simple black and white, and even the individual pics of the rooms have a unique optical effect on the viewer. Link  –via Hi Fructose

Geometric Tape Floor by Jim Lambie

The trippy floor above was made by Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie, who applied strips of vinyl tape by hand over a period of several weeks. Check out the gallery over at Walyou: Link 

Strange Animated Short – Ean’s Day

(YouTube Link) This strange yet stylish animated short is entitled Ean’s Day, and it stars a cube headed fellow who…well…does stuff and things are all trippy and stuff. It’s a weird yet fun waste of three and a half minutes of your life, if you’re into odd bits of animated nonsense. It’s free to try, and if you [...]

Beaded Skulls

Catherine Martin makes trippy skull models covered with beads in cooperation with the Huichol people of Western Mexico. Her project is appropriately entitled “Our Exquisite Corpse.” It’s only a matter of time before funeral homes make this an option. Interested? Link -via Craft

Geometric Light Sculptures by Dev Harlan

Parmenides I, 2011 – via The Fox is Black Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor after watching this awesome 8-foot geometric light sculpture Parmenides I by Dev Harlan. A few more from Dev’s Vimeo page after the jump: Untitled (Pyramid V) [...]