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Sarah Brightman to become a space tourist

Singer Sarah Brightman will be the next tourist to take a trip to the International Space Station. The classical singer will conclude her 2013 tour an…

Scott’s wrecked ship Terra Nova discovered

The ship used by Captain Robert Scott on his doomed trip to Antarctica has been located off Greenland. While the ship survived Scott’s expedition, it …

This Guy’s Room Is Like A Time Capsule From The 90s

(YouTube Link) Taking a trip around YouTuber PauseDa90s bedroom is like travelling back in time, when the pants were Cross Colours, slap bracelets were all the rage, and Zac Morris and the gang were Saved By The Bell. It’s enough to make me wish I’d never thrown out some of my “vintage” goodies from the 90s, but [...]

31 Bizarre Foreign Titles for American Movies

Film is perhaps America’s greatest cultural export. That said, not every American film title translates well into other languages. To bridge the gap, foreign marketers take some very intriguing creative liberties. Many of the best mangled film titles come from China, where they are downright magical at jazzing up boring old English titles. 1. Pretty Woman [...]

Isle of Man company offering moon trips

Excalibur Almaz is offering members of the public a trip to the moon in exchange for a £100M fee. The Isle of Man might not seem like the most likely …

Guilt Trip Nifty Note

Guilt Trip Nifty Note – $3.95 Are you a very busy individual who does so, so, so much for others?  Don’t let time stop you from your obligation to remind people of their transgressions. You need the Guilt Trip Nifty Note from the NeatoShop.  The Guilt Trip Nifty Note provides 50 sheets of checkoff reminders that [...]

Portraits Of America By Jamie Trueblood

Perusing through Jamie Trueblood’s photographs is like taking a long, strange trip across America, watching the kitsch and color fly by the window of your Cadillac car. These are moments frozen in time, subjects captured in sometimes awkward situations, seemingly unaware of being photographed on life’s grand old stage. They’re voyeuristic, but not in a creepy sex [...]

I Don’t Want It

(YouTube link) Sometimes a trip to the veterinarian is necessary, but this poor kitty doesn’t want it. At least that’s what he says! -via Arbroath

Buses Loaded With IV Drip Dispensers Make The Rounds In Las Vegas

Taking a trip to Las Vegas can result in gamblers losing the shirt right off their back at the game tables, and that feeling of loss often leads to bouts of binge drinking and self loathing. Good thing the Hangover Heaven buses have come to town! Equipped with IV drip dispensers and a soothing air conditioned [...]

Why the Return Trip Always Seems Faster

Does getting home from a trip seem to take less time than getting there? There’s a scientific explanation for that! NPR’s Morning Edition explains the psychological phenomenon called the "return trip effect": Here’s what van de [...]