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2,053 Nuclear Explosions in One Video

Artist Isao Hashimoto created an animation showing every nuclear test between 1945 (the first Manhattan Project test, called Trinity) and 1998 (a test in Pakistan). The total number? 2,053, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Note that this number doesn’t include the rumored North Korean tests in 2006 and 2009. [...]

Everything Is A Remix: The Matrix

Love The Matrix but wonder where you’ve seen those action moves before? Everything Is A Remix (previously on Neatorama) is back, and this time it has Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and [...]

The Trinity Building, New York

Feast your eyes on some fantastic old architecture in New York City. The Trinity Building was built in 1904-1907. It is flanked by the U.S. Realty Building, constructed at the same time (making them the original “twin towers”) and the older Trinity Church, rebuilt in 1800. The Trinity Building has classic Art Deco detailing that [...]

Art Deco Skyscraper of the Week: Trinity Building, New York

“QUANTUM SHOT” #727Link – article by Avi Abrams Where is this stupendous architecture when you need it? Sorry folks, they do not build them like this any more. These imposing structures with all the look and atmosphere of a superhero’s (or a supervillain’s) headquarters now exist in a time warp, dwarfed by lifeless and faceless obelisks of [...]