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Why Do They Call It Trinidad AND Tobago?

Christopher Columbus did a lot of naming in his day. As it turns out, he had a hand in naming four of the five island-nations with two names. Is that an obscure enough fact for you? Still, this is definitely the kind of fact that shows up on pub trivia night, and if you know [...]

9 of the Undead from Around the World

Many cultures have tales of the undead, zombies, vampires, and other creatures who rise from the grave to cause mischief among the living. Many will drink your blood or eat your flesh. We looked at eight of these monsters in a previous post; here are nine more to feed your nightmares. 1. Pontianak (Indonesia) The pontianak is [...]

Carol Ortiz : Bolivian Woman Giant Breasts

Bolivian woman Carol Ortiz – A 21 young Bolivian woman desperately needs an operation to reduce her gigantic breasts that weigh 20 pounds–the equivalent of an automobile tire!who suffers gigantonastia, or hypertrophy of breast, speaks to her mother at her house in Trinidad, some 540 km (336 miles) northeast of La Paz, October 5, 2010. [...]