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Magic Matches

(YouTube link) This is an old trick, but still impressive. Capillary action draws water into the fibers of the wooden match sticks, and the fibers expand. In the place where the matches were broken, this expansion causes them to revert to their natural alignment somewhat. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Hide and Seek

Is there any parent who hadn’t tried this trick? Only my kids gave up long before the niece in this Twaggie. Wobbly Goggy illustrated a Tweet by Sixth Form Poet to create it. You’ll find a new illustrated Tweet every day at Twaggies! Link

Your GPS is Wrong

The old “Do Not Enter” sign just didn’t do the trick. You have to wonder how many problems they had before deciding to post a sign to spell it out for everyone. Then again, if people using GPS don’t read signs, will this help at all? Link

Suburban Fishing

Remember this trick the next time you drop something out of a window and don’t want to walk all the way downstairs to retrieve it. It helps if your vacuum cleaner is lightweight. Link -via John Walkenbach

6 Magicians Who Died While Performing The Bullet Catch

Is it possible for a human being to catch a speeding bullet in his mouth? For centuries, magicians have been convincing audiences that it is. Whether the bullet catch is an illusion or the result of lightning-fast reflexes, it definitely comes with a fatal risk. Since its introduction in the late 1500s, many magicians have [...]

How To Deactivate A Cat

(Video Link) Here’s a trick every vet assistant should master. All it takes to relax a cat in order to examine him is a binder clip. Via BoingBoing

Clown Car Physics

There’s really no trick to clown cars, according to Car and Driver. No trap doors, no hidden panels, and the cars are made from real cars. The vehicle’s guts are totally removed and clowns are crammed in every which way. In fact, they even know exactly how many clowns different car makes and models will [...]

Measuring Tape Stiletto Heels

If you want to say ‘I’m a practical person’ while still wearing high heeled shoes, these stilettos by Christian Louboutin should do the trick. It’s just a pity that they’re only in metric. Link via Craft | Photo: Christian Loutoubin

The Late Movies: Trick Shot Videos

Tonight for the Late Movies, we have a collection of clips that probably took quite a few takes to get right. That doesn’t necessarily make them any less impressive! Leading off tonight is a video from A Normal Day. I shudder to think how many takes went in to flipping the keys on the hook. Here is [...]

Monkey Face

(YouTube link) You’ve seen this trick before, but this one is particularly well executed. -via Arbroath