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Mayor Only Parking

Photo: Caitlin Huston/Pharos-Tribune Problem: Mayor Ted Franklin of Logansport, Indiana, got a parking ticket for parking in an area reserved for police cars. Solution: Turn that Police Parking Only spot into a Mayor Parking Only. [...]

The Color Schemes of Higher Education

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune posted the history of the graduation cap and gown, and included a color-coding for the tassels that attach to the traditional mortarboard hat. The American Council on Education has recommended tassel colors for college graduates that indicate what discipline one’s degree is in. Here’s a sample: Apricot: Nursing Brown: Fine arts, including architecture Citron: Social [...]

What Made People Think Dewey Defeated Truman?

Truman isn’t just gleeful in that famous photo because he had been reelected, but because it was egg on the face of a paper he hated, the Chicago Tribune. The paper had a conservative bent, disapproved of most of his policies, and had once even called him a “nincompoop” in an editorial. The Tribune was suffering [...]

The Chicago Tribune Endorses Split Decision!

If you were waiting to see what the Chicago Tribune thought about Split Decision before picking up a copy, the verdict is in. Last week, our new trivia game was named to their list of “10 Games That Will Get the Party Started.” Now that that’s settled, you can order Split Decision in the mental_floss store. [...]

Volunteers Work to Save Ash Trees

7.5 billion ash trees are endangered in the United States. (Photo credit Elizabeth Flores, Star Tribune) The culprit is the well-known emerald ash borer, an invasive Asian beetle that first arrived in Michigan seven years ago. The infestation has spread to Ohio, Canada, and now Minnesota, threatening to do a log power more damage than the [...]