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11 Languages Spoken by 11 People or Fewer

Vladimir Korostyshevskiy / 1. Ho-Chunk is the language of the Hocák Nation, more commonly known as the Winnebago tribe of Wisconsin and Nebraska. In 2004, there were only 11 living fluent speakers of Ho-Chunk, all of whom also use English. 2. In the jungles of Suriname lives a nearly extinct population of people known as [...]

Mysterious tribe left bodies in jars

An unknown tribe has left valuable clues in the form of ‘body jars’ found around the Cardamom Mountains. Little is known about this mysterious Cambodi…

The Last Five Members of the Akuntsu Tribe

Dan Lewis runs the popular daily newsletter Now I Know (“Learn Something New Every Day, By Email”). To subscribe to his daily email, click here. Rondônia is a state in the northwest of Brazil that shares a border with Bolivia. Covered mostly by rain forest (or, more commonly, deforested area that was once rain forest), Rondônia [...]

Swapping Children to End Tribal War in Vanuatu

Tribal chiefs in the remote Pacific island of Vanuatu has taken a drastic step based on a tradition that has not been invoked in 200 years: a children swap to end a long-running tribal [...]

Uncontacted Tribes Don’t Realize They’re Internet Famous

I’ve been running across all kinds of stories about uncontacted tribes in remote parts of the world lately. Back in April, This American Life featured a story from the book The Last of the Tribe detailing attempts to contact the sole surviving member of an indigenous tribe within the Brazilian rainforest. Then, just this week, [...]

Last member of 65,000 year-old tribe dies

The last member of a 65,000 year-old tribe has died aged 85 taking one of the world’s earliest languages with her. Boa Sr was the last of her tribe fr…