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Did 16th-century priest have ’superpowers’ ?

Catholic priest Pedro Ruiz Calderón was put on trial in Mexico City for practicing black magic. Records of the trial that took place in the year 1540 …

South Korea man blames octopus for murder

In a bizarre murder trial, a man accused of killing his girlfriend is claiming that an octopus did it. The unnamed defendant is facing the death penal…

The Lancashire Witches 1612-2012

Four hundred years ago in northwest England, twenty people were arrested on witchcraft charges. We know so much about the Lancashire Witches because the trial was recorded in unique detail by the clerk of the court, Thomas Potts, who published his account soon afterwards as The Wonderful Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster. I [...]

News Organization Uses Puppets To Re-Enact Trial

(YouTube Link) What do you do when your news organization aren’t allowed to film the corruption trial of a former county commissioner? Why, bring in the puppets and re-enact that sucker! That’s what Channel 19 in Akron, Ohio did in order to cover the trial of Jimmy Dimora, and I think it’s the best idea to [...]

How Abraham Lincoln Argued a Murder Trial

This week we’re running a series of posts by Matt Soniak about Abraham Lincoln’s foray into forensic meteorology. If you missed the first or second installments of the series, check them out. May 3, 1858. Cass County, Illinois. The Circuit Court of Cass County convened on Monday May 3rd, 1858, to begin Armstrong’s trial. Abraham Lincoln [...]

Abraham Lincoln: Amazing Wrestler

This week we’re running a series of posts by Matt Soniak about Abraham Lincoln’s foray into forensic meteorology. If you missed the first installment yesterday, check it out. In the summer of 1831, 22-year-old Abraham Lincoln arrived in New Salem, a small town along the Sangamon River in Menard County, Illinois. He had come there to [...]

Is Trial by Combat Still Legal in the United States?

The blogger New Jovian Thunderbolt offers this novel legal argument: American law originates from British Common Law. Specifically Common Law before we split from them. 1776 and all that. It’s where the 2nd Amendment comes from and a right to defend yourself. But after 1776, our jurisprudence system was evolving along its own path. Britain didn’t overturn [...]

Police Officer Maneuvers 800-Pound Patrol Bike Through Obstacle Course

(Video Link) Sure, a light trial bike can be turned sharply and quickly, but how about an 800-pound Harley-Davidson Road King? Here’s a video of Donnie Williams of Grand Prairie, Texas, taking his patrol motorcycle through a series of precise, tight turns. He doesn’t knock over a single cone. -via MArooned

The 6 Most Terrible Publicity Stunts Ever

I’m sure you guys all are familiar with the Scope’s Monkey Trial, but did you know that the whole thing was actually just an overblown publicity stunt to help attract travelers to visit the town of Dayton, Tennessee? Learn more about the trial as well as other irresponsible publicity stunts in this great Cracked article. Link

A 92-Year-Old Woman To Stand Trial For Murder

Clara Tang is going down in the history books. She is currently the oldest woman on record ordered to stand trial for murder in Australia. She is 92. After almost 70 years of marriage, Mrs Tang – suffering dementia – allegedly killed Ching Yung Tang in their plush sixth-floor unit in the Connaught apartment complex overlooking [...]