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5 Questions: One Last ‘Tri’

Let’s wrap up this week’s ‘Tri’ theme with Friday’s 5 Question quiz: One Last ‘Tri’.

5 Questions: ‘Tri’ a Little Tenderness

Our ‘Tri’ theme continues with Thursday’s 5 Question quiz: ‘Tri’ a Little Tenderness.

5 Questions: Tri Again

If at first you don’t succeed, here’s another brand new 5 Question quiz: Tri Again.

5 Questions: Tri

If at first you don’t succeed, here’s a brand new 5 Question quiz: Tri.

Suparwono fails world’s tallest man

Suparwono fails world’s tallest man Indonesian Museum of Records made a formal measurement of Suparwono’s height after claims that he could be almost 8ft 10in tall. The current record holder is Sultan Kosen from Turkey, who is 8ft 1in, while the world’s tallest ever man, the American Robert Wadlow, died in 1940 measuring over 8ft 11in. However, after [...]

10 Unusual Playgrounds From Around the World

Playgrounds have come a long way since the early days of hot, steel slides and open-backed infant swings. Safety is a big issue on today’s playgrounds, but so is imagination and ingenuity. Take a look at some of the many unusually cool designs popping up around the world. And if you have a favorite we [...]

Robot Nurse Bear

Japan is facing an aging population and a shortage of nurses. the robotics industry, on the other hand, is booming. Introducing RIBA, which stands for “Robot for Interactive Body Assistance”. RIBA can pick up and carry people weighing as much as 135 pounds. The cheery-looking machine has long, multi-jointed arms embedded with an array of [...]