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WTF Is A Bagelhead?

Watch out for these freaks, because they’ve got a forehead shaped like a bagel and an oy vey attitude to match! Bagelheads have their foreheads injected with a silicone solution that they mold into a bagel-like shape, and it’s a trend that’s still blowing up in Japan over a year later. Adrienne first brought you the story [...]

20 of the Best Closing Scenes in Television

It’s common among book fiends to remember the opening lines of favorite novels, and likewise it’s a trend among TV fanatics to reminisce on final scenes from well-loved shows. From Six Feet Under (shown above) to Life on Mars, with stops along the way for The Sopranos and MST3K, Flavorwire rounded up their favorite closing scenes [...]

This Backpack Brings The Booming System With You

I know the latest trend in audio is to put speakers into clothing wherever possible, but this backpack speaker unit, complete with 8-inch woofer, seems like overkill. For one thing, it can’t be good for the ears of whoever wears the thing. Then there’s the fact that no one will want to be anywhere near [...]

Why the ‘Native’ Fashion Trend Is Pissing Off Real Native Americans

Popular fashion trends come and go in cycles, and once again we are seeing a trend of the “Native American look” in clothing, home furnishings, jewelry, and bedding. Some companies are running into legal trouble over their merchandise, as there are laws and trademark restrictions against products attributed to Native Americans. Even when the letter [...]

Steampunk Inspired LEGO Creations

Steampunk as a fashion trend might be fading away, but steampunk inspired inventions and designs will never die. Matt Armstrong brings his version of steampunk inspired design to these LEGO brick sculptures, and the resulting inventions/artworks are quite handsome looking indeed. With classic designs, simplistic retro flair, and the look of full functionality, this is [...]

Plastic Surgery for Pets

There are lots of crazy products for the over-the-top pet owner, but one of the craziest (and saddest) has to be the new trend of pet plastic surgery. Droopy eyes and wrinkly coats are character attributes for most people owned by a dog, and your average family pet-owner wouldn’t dream of putting Bowser under the [...]


While robots have thus far have been inspired by human forms, but a new trend in robotics is pushing robot design toward the shape of animals. And this isn’t just that robotic dog that was popular a few years ago; these robots will serve a functional purpose in the new world of “zoobotics.” Humanoid robots [...]

Doga: yoga classes for dogs

A new trend from the Far East is coming to the US – yoga classes for dogs, otherwise known as “doga”. The classes are intended to help dogs find their…

The 3-Year Glitch is the New 7-Year Itch

It used to be that couples lose romantic interest in each other after seven years of marriage. Thanks to modern life, however, the “seven-year itch” has been upgraded to the “three-year glitch”: The survey of 2,000 British adults in steady relationships pinpointed the 36-month mark as the time when relationship stress levels peak and points to [...]

LED teeth for a dazzling smile

A new trend in Japan is seeing thousands don a set of glowing LED teeth for a peculiar glowing smile. Advertised as a “party in your mouth” the teeth …