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Plots from Seinfeld if the Show Was Running Today

Like plots from the imaginary eighth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, @SeinfeldToday looks at the show about nothing right now. The characters put Etsy to terrible use, make mistakes with Yelp and argue obsessively about Game of Thrones. Link -via Pleated Jeans

Looking for Love in All the Trek Places

If you’ve seen the Trekkies documentaries, then you know there is still a vivid, bustling Star Trek community out there. But if you’re having issues finding a fellow trekker to call your own in your local area, then maybe you should hit Trekkie Dating, the first dating site exclusively for Star Trek fans, and find [...]

Borg Floppy Disk Drives and Other Facts You Might Not Know about Star Trek: The Next Generation

18 years after the original Star Trek went off the air, Gene Roddenberry brought his creation back to television. Fans feared that the effort was doomed to failure, but instead the series was a stunning success. It lasted seven seasons and spawned three more Trek series. You know the story of the beginnings of Star Trek: [...]

Swedish couple marry in Klingon ceremony

Two die hard Star Trek fans have cemented their relationship in Britain’s first ever Klingon wedding. Josefin Sockertopp and Sonnie Gustavsson turned …

Where the Nice Guys Are

I concur, although a Star Trek convention does the job, too. This Twaggie was illustrated by Formal Sweatpants from a Tweet by @smethanie. See a new illustrated Tweet every day at Twaggies! Link

Typographical Star Trek Intro

(Video Link) The Quintek Group’s elegant alternate introduction to the original Star Trek smoothly blends William Shatner’s narration with graphic styles reminiscent of both classic Trek and The Next Generation. It’s just lovely. -via Kuriositas

The Lamest Looking Aliens From Star Trek

Star Trek propelled science fiction television into the future when it debuted in 1966, but sometimes they missed the mark in terms of creative development, for example while creating some of the dozens of alien species encountered on the show. Topless Robot has put together a list of the 20 lamest looking alien species from the [...]

Real life Star Trek Tricorder developed

Dr. Peter Jansen has built a measuring device very much like those used in the Star Trek universe. “Star Trek inspired me to be a scientist,” he said….

Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System

Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding System - $23.95 These are the voyages of parenthood. It is time to boldly go where no solid food has gone before.  It is only logical that you arm yourself with the proper tools. You need the Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up Feeding system from the NeatoShop. This awesome Star Trek Enterprise Light-Up [...]

Borg Cube vs Death Star

Resistance is futile! Or is it? If the universes of Star Wars and Star Trek were to somehow overlap (it could happen), and the Borg encountered the Imperial space station known as the Death Star, which would prevail in battle? This hypothetical situation sparks a torrent of fan discussion. Link -via Metafilter