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How to Make Deep Fried Beer Batter Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Ornaments

If there’s a problem with Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes, it’s that they’re too healthy. Zach Wilkins and Jason Medina have solved that problem by deep frying them in a batter made with Christmas-themed Shiner beer. Thread string through them, hang them on your tree, then eat the cakes when it’s time to take it down. Link

Porcelain Christmas Tree

Inge Vanluyd, Stefan Vanbergen and many residents of Hasselt, Belgium erected this tree in that city. It’s made from 5,000 old ceramic plates and cups. The artists explained the tree’s purpose: At home we all have odd plates and cups which just don’t go with anything and as a consequence never find their way out of [...]

The Twelve Days of Graphic Christmas

The lone partridge in a pear tree. Cal Poly Graphic Design professor Ray Kampf created a dozen illustrations for The Twelve Days of Christmas, each with a modern twist. My personal favorite is the 10 lords a-leaping, but they are all delightful! Kampf also invites you to check out his holiday website Fruitcake Fables. Link | [...]

Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes

Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes – $6.95 Are you looking for a quick way to give your Christmas tree a some life? You need the Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes from the NeatoShop. The eyes come with a hole on top for a ornament hook. They also have an adhesive backing. With the Giant Christmas Tree Googly [...]

Sandy uncovers skeleton below oak tree

The monster storm uprooted a tree in Connecticut with something unexpected buried underneath. New Haven experienced 40 to 70 mile per hour winds durin…

Owl in Tree Salt & Pepper Shaker

Owl in Tree Salt & Pepper Shaker – $14.95 Are you looking for a Salt & Pepper shaker that’s a real hoot? Feast your eyes on the Owl in Tree Salt & Pepper Shaker from the NeatoShop. This clever set features a large owl shaker perched on a tree shaker. Three small owls peer out the [...]

Double Exposure Lightning Photo

Photo: Richard Gottardo Photographer and storm-chaser Richard Gottardo snapped this "one in a million shot" of a lightning bolt striking a tree. PetaPixel has the story: Photographing a lightning strike from close-up is a difficult [...]

Guerrilla Grafters

A group of people in San Francisco called the Guerrilla Grafters surreptitiously graft fruit tree branches onto non-fruiting trees in public spaces in the city -about 50 trees so far. Tom Levy of SFGate spoke with two of the “undercover orchardists,” Tara Hui and Miriam Goldberg. “The intention of doing guerrilla grafting is not so much [...]

Firefighters Rescue Cow Stuck in Tree

Firefighters are, of course, so frequently summoned by anxious cow owners that it’s almost proverbial: Fire crews in Cumbria were surprised to receive a call to rescue the cow, which had toppled 10 meters down a slope of the river Leith before a tree broke its fall. [...] The animal was sedated by a vet before being [...]

The Hardy Tree

Before he became famous, British novelist Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) worked as an architect. One of his more unpleasant projects was the relocation of an old graveyard to make way for the expansion of London. He arranged for the relocation of the bodies, but without their accompanying headstones. These he arranged in a circle around an [...]