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Hip Hop Panda Gets Groove On

(YouTube link) This is one of those stories where the headline sort of says it all. Well, here’s some context – it’s not CGI, it’s not a 3D Pixar movie, and it walks a fine line between adorable and menacing. An Atlanta Zoo panda having a hell of a time scratching his back against a pile of [...]

Photos of Fascinating Fungi

When you’re used to seeing only buttons and portabella mushrooms, the fungi family may start to seem rather boring—though still delicious. This great Oddee article shows that in the wild though, mushrooms and other fungi grow in all shapes and sizes. Just look at the bioluminescent Mycena chlorophos. These mushrooms, native to forests in Japan [...]

Man Builds Submarine Home Theatre

(YouTube Link) Tina Law writes in New Zealand’s Stuff magazine about one man who wanted to own a den that looked the interior of a submarine. Wayne Eyre of Spencerville, NZ hired special effects artist Dean Johnstone to design it. These were the results: Customwood has been sprayed with concrete and painted to resemble rusting steel beams, [...]