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Malibu Rum Fruit Loop Treats

Want a fruity, tasty treat that’s also perfect for your drinking night? Enjoy these white chocolate Fruit Loop bars with Malibu Rum. Link Via Make

Baked Snow Cones? WTF?!?

Ok, it’s not really that weird, they’re actually just cupcakes designed to look like snow cones -making them a perfect summertime treat for the kiddies (and the adults too). For even more fun you could always try making red, white and blue snow cones and playing snack roulette. Link Via Laughing Squid

Strawberry Shortsnake

This adorable treat from FamilyFun magazine will require a careful hand for the decorative work, but it’ll be worth it. The eyes are made from green M&Ms and the tongue from “fruit leather”, which is another name for a fruit roll-up. Link -via Deloris Pittman

Chocolate Business Card

We’ve seen a lot of clever and creative examples of business cards before, but this one is a treat. Literally! New Delhi, India-based advertising agency Draftcb+Ulka created a business card with a sweet treat for premium chocolate boutique [...]

Share This Ultimate GIF For The Holidays

This animated GIF by Matt Layzell of Treat Studios celebrates the epic awesomeness of the holidays with a bright, splashy display that could only be improved by playing Iron Maiden  in the background. Share this one with someone who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus, to warn them against getting their name stuck on the Naughty List. Link [...]

Brownies Cooked inside Eggshells

This looks like a great treat for Easter! SandeeA drained eggs, cleaned them, coated the interiors with oil, and then poured in brownie batter. The result was this beautiful display. Link (Google Translate) -via Tasteologie Previous concoctions by this cook: Teddy Bear Bread Banana Peel as a Jello Mold

Krispy Treat Soap

Krispy Treat Soap - $3.95 Do you love krispy treats so much that you wish you could bathe in their sweet goodness? Well, now you can! Head on over to the NeatoShop and get yourself some Krispy Treat soap. This fabulous handmade soap looks and smells just like the real thing. Be sure check out the NeatoShop [...]

Theatre stages Klingon Christmas Carol

A theatre in Chicago is giving Strek Trek fans a treat this Christmas with a production entirely in Klingon. Its a new take on the classic Dickens tal…

Pickle Attempting to Out-Fan Nickelback

Look at this photograph. Now get ready to laugh. This delectable treat has a Facebook page that is trying to get more fans than the band Nickelback. Currently the group has 1,392,481 fans, and the dill has 400,000, but steadily rising. The creator of the page says: Yes, this page was inspired by “Can this onion ring [...]

The Unexpexted Origin of Pez

Did you know that Pez was originally invented as an anti-smoking treat? Lauren Donaldson of MSN’s Deslish has that and 9 other weird origins of our favorite food: Kids and adults alike collect PEZ dispensers to store the beloved candies. But PEZ wasn’t always so fruity. It was developed as a peppermint candy more than 70 [...]