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The Missing Links: “F-Bomb” Is Now in the Dictionary

Where in the F-Bomb Did the Term ‘F-Bomb’ Come From? Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary added “f-bomb” to its collection of words that are words. The term may have originated from a Hall of Fame baseball player who had sworn off swearing. * Get Your Metal Detectors Ready It sounds like something out of a film. This explorer is getting ready [...]

Expedition to explore real treasure island

Shaun Whitehead and his team hope to uncover the resting place of the long lost ‘Treasure of Lima’. The treasure is thought to consist of a vast fortu…

30 Year Treasure Hunt Ends With Discovery Of Celtic Gold

Treasure hunters Reg Mead and Richard Miles struck gold, and silver, recently when their 30 year long quest for buried treasure on the island of Jersey, which is off the coast of Normandy. Here’s more info on the treasure they discovered: The treasure was inside a large block of clay. It contains 30,000 to 50,000 silver and [...]

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

On the surface, B. Traven’s 1927 novel The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is a suspenseful, propulsive can’t-put-it-down adventure story about three down-and-out Americans who trek deep into the Mexican mountains on a doomed search for gold. It’s a terrific read. But it’s more than just a page-turner; the work recasts the classic American adventure [...]

The Late Movies: Jonathan Coulton’s “Artificial Heart”

Jonathan Coulton is an internet treasure: he makes heartfelt, fun, and often funny music — most of which is available in some legitimately free form online. And he’s a geek like us (he worked in technology for years before quitting to pursue his Modest Rockstar dreams). His latest is Artificial Heart (also [...]

Tokyoflash Treasure Hunt #18 Winners

Last week, we ran a neat treasure hunt with the good folks of Tokyoflash (answer page here). Today, let’s announce the lucky winners. Congratulations to: Vekven who won the Vandelay Industries T-shirt Tim who [...]

NYC Man “Mines” Streets for Gold

They say that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. For one NYC resident this is very true as he is able to make a living finding lost gold and bits of jewelry in the street and cashing them in. A Queens man has discovered enough hidden treasure — bits of diamonds, rubies, platinum and gold [...]

Admiral’s Map Hat

deviantART user Samuel Lee made this dandy leather hat and decorated it with a classic maritime motif. It’s not a treasure map. At least, Lee doesn’t say that it’s a treasure map. Maybe there’s a code worked into it somehow…. Link via Boing Boing

A Globe-Trotting Whiskey Mystery: Update!

Last May we told you about a cool treasure hunt competition that Canadian Club whiskey was putting together to find cases of whiskey hidden around the world between 1967 and 1991 — They hid 25 cases of whiskey in spots around the world, like a jungle in Africa, a hole in Death Valley, a slope [...]

Rare dinosaur found in Canada’s oil sands

The Canadian oil sands have turned up an unusual treasure – a plant-eating ankylosaur. Discovering a land-dwelling dinosaur at the sands is particular…