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Online Comic Series – Romantically Apocalyptic

If you like your comic strips darkly comedic with a dash of dystopia and a wickedly cool graphic style then you have to check out Alexiuss Vitaly’s online series Romantically Apocalyptic. It chronicles Zee Captain and his Second In Command as they make their way across the post apocalyptic ruins of a massive cityscape, looking for [...]

The End of the World of Books

Photo: Leslie Strauss Travis/The Norman Maclean Reader A lot of authors get rejected by publishers, but Norman Maclean, author of A River Runs Through It and Other Stories, [...]

Inspector Spacetime Needs You!

The man pictured here is Inspector Spacetime, or rather, the actor who plays the fictional Inspector on a fictional show created for the cult hit TV show Community. He’s supposed to be an alternate version of Doctor Who, and characters Troy and Abed from Community are huge fans of the fictional space-time detective. Are you lost [...]

Personified: A Photo Series on People and Possessions

Photo: Jason Travis I was fascinated by this photography project by Jason Travis . His project intended to “capture a portion of [his subjects'] lives in terms of what each individual considered essential enough to carry around with them everyday” which is a pretty interesting concept when you think about it. It made me think twice [...]

The Late Movies: What Song Are You Listening To? (London, Copenhagen, Singapore, Lisbon, Philadelphia)

Two weeks ago, I pointed to a street video from New York, in which filmmaker Ty Cullen asked passersby who wore headphones “Hey, what song are you listening to?” Commenters asked for more versions of the video from different cities, and I’m glad to oblige — other filmmakers around the world have followed suit and [...]

LOST Meets LOLCats

Remember Travis Pitts and his awesome design, “We’ve Got Some Work To Do, Now?” Well, he’s still coming up with great ideas, mashing up different threads of pop culture in clever ways. To paraphrase Travis, I’m frankly surprised no one’s thought of this yet. Bigger image at the Flickr link. Link (via Super Punch)