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Superhero Ice Pops

If your favorite comic book superhero was a popsicle, what flavor would it be?Dutch artist Vincent Vermeij (Chungkong) took that idea and made art out of it. Superhero Ice Pops prints are for sale individually. Link Previously: Chungkong’s Exoplanet Travel Posters

Travel Posters For Lazy People

Illustrator Caldwell Tanner has created some colorful travel posters for locations familiar to lazy people. So, now you can feel like you do all kinds of traveling every day, even though you rarely leave your house! Who needs fresh air and sunshine when you’ve got the arctic chill of the refrigerator and the rainbow waterfall of [...]

Exoplanet Travel Posters

It seems like astronomers are finding more and more exoplanets everyday -some which might possibly support life, although they are extremely far away. What if we could travel to those distant planets we know a little about? Vincent Vermeij (Chungkong) turned this idea into a series of travel posters, featuring some exoplanets that already have [...]

Doctor Who Travel Posters

If you can easily travel through time and space, why not use that ability to save on vacation expenses? Andrew Le made three travel posters that feature the TARDIS discreetly in the background. Link -via Super Punch Previously by Andrew Le: Why Love Is Like Pi