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Saddle Up Graffiti Cowboy

There’s nothing trashy about the great geeky trash cans over at Mental Floss. I really like this 3D graffiti trash can, but I have to wonder about how it will look when it was pulled away from the wall. It’s possible that it has a 2D horse behind the trash can, but that’s just not [...]

Cartoon Eyes Street Art By Timm Schneider

It’s funny how much personality you can add to inanimate objects simply by attaching a pair of cartoon eyes. Cookie monster trash cans, hungry trash cans, bashful locked outlets, Timm Schneider’s street art would be a pleasure to come across in the urban jungle. Link –via Laughing Squid

I Am Maru, the Book

Maru, the Scottish fold YouTube star who lives with his human, mugumogu, in Japan, is getting his own book. Published by HarperCollins, I am Maru promises a little insight to the cat’s “low-key” lifestyle. “This…cat may be an internet sensation, but he knows how to keep his celebrity status from going to his fluffy head…mostly…See all his [...]

Drinking from the Balsa Tree

The tree named Ochroma pyramidale is better known as the balsa tree, from which we get lightweight wood to make model airplanes. But its flowers are more valuable to many species in Panama, because they bloom at night during the dry season and fill and refill with sweet nectar. Throughout the night and into the next [...]