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Kelvin Doe: The Prodigy

Youtube Link Thnkr TV is helping promote this 15-year-old Kelvin Doe. Doe is a typical Sierra Leone teenager. He scours his neighborhood trash bins for spare parts, likes to build things, goes by the name DJ Focus, and happens to be the youngest person ever to be invited to the M.I.T. Visiting Practitioner’s Program. So maybe [...]

Even The Trash Cans Are Getting A Makeover For The 2012 Olympics

The future of waste receptacle technology is here, and it has an LCD screen that can tell you how your stocks are doing today, how long it will take you to get home on public transit, and what the weather looks like for tomorrow. It’s bombproof, offers a free Wi-FiĀ  connection, and it appears that the [...]

Dumpster Swimming

WebUrbanist recently ran a fantastic piece on upcycled dumpsters and their wide array of uses. My personal favorite are these mini-swimming pools, which give a whole new meaning to the words “dumpster diving.” Funny enough, this isn’t the only place you may have read about turning dumpsters into pools, the New York Times has also [...]