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The Busy Trap

Hello, Neatoramanauts! Howyadoin’? If you answer "busy" or better yet, "craaazy busy" then welcome to modern life. You’re not alone. Most of Americans in the 21st century live in the perpetual [...]

Wall Mounted Admiral Ackbar

(YouTube link) We admit it, Admiral, it WAS a trap -and you got caught in it! Admiral Ackbar ends up as a wall trophy in Darth Vader’s man cave. I would so want one of these if my kids wouldn’t press the button constantly. Link

Rare Leopard Spotted in Afghanistan

Wildlife experts thought leopards were locally extinct in Afghanistan, but this one was captured snarling at a camera trap in September. The camera trap, set by the Wildlife Conservation Society in the Afghan central highlands, also caught pictures of lynx, wild cats, wolves, red foxes, stone martens, and even a pair of poachers. See them [...]

10 Odd Ways To Get Rid of Flies

Every once in a while, a summer comes along in which you are desperate and will try anything to get rid of these flies. Luckily, that’s not this summer for me. But you can imagine the situations that caused people to try out these methods. Maybe you could use a homemade fly trap: - Sugar trap. [...]

Scientists Trap Antimatter for Almost 17 Minutes

It sounds like something out of Star Trek but scientists have been able to trap antimatter for 17 minutes, improving on an experiment last Fall that was able to trap antimatter for merely fractions of seconds.   So just how difficult is it to trap antimatter for study? Just like in Star Trek, the combination of matter [...]

Look Out Schroedinger’s Cat, It’s a Trap!

Look Out Schroedinger’s Cat, It’s a Trap! – $14.95 The warm T-shirt weather is coming, so get your Science and Funny T-Shirts from the NeatoShop. We’ve got lots of really neat T-shirts (cheap, too!) like this cute one above. Your purchase helps support the blog, so thanks in advance for taking a look!

Jersey Shore Trap

Photo: Ben Yakas Remember the Hipster Trap? Well, Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine are back at it, this time with the “Bridge and Tunnel Trap” AKA the “Jersey Shore Trap.” The baits? Gold chain, PATH ticket, hair gel, Drakkar Noir cologne and spray tanner. Link – via Laughing Squid

Hipster Trap

This photo of a hipster trap is allegedly from New York City. Contents: brightly-colored bike chain, American Spirit cigarettes, can of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, and plastic glasses. It just needs a Moleskine notebook to lure in more hesitant prey. via Geekosystem

How to Trap a Baby

Babies in their natural habitat are often difficult to capture. But this video shows how you can use sweet foodstuffs to set an effective trap to catch this elusive prey. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] -via The Daily What

Mouse vs. Mouse Trap

The cute little mouse in this commercial unfortunately gets caught in a mouse trap, since he can’t resist the tasty piece of cheddar laying there. The good thing is that it’s the kind of cheese that comes with a slogan that says “Seriously Strong”. Link [YouTube]