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11 Not-So-Famous People We Lost in 2012

It’s been a solemn year for the deaths of famous and significant people – and as always, many died who were less famous, but should be saluted nonetheless for their contributions to the world. Here are 11 of the lesser-known greats who passed this year. 1. Murray Lender: Bagel Tycoon Lender’s Bagels Historical Images Murray Lender, son of [...]

Most Extensive Face Transplant Yet

Last week, in a 36-hour operation, Richard Lee Norris (shown here before his accident) received a full face transplant at the University of Maryland Medical Center. The transplant team was led by reconstructive specialist Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez. “We utilized innovative surgical practices and computerized techniques to precisely transplant the mid-face, maxilla and mandible including teeth, [...]

World’s first double-leg transplant

Surgeons in Spain have performed the world’s first ever double-leg transplant in the city of Valencia. The man suffered injuries in an accident that r…

Karl Merk – Double Arm Transplant In The World | The Health Care Blog

Karl Merk – Double Arm Transplant In The World The recipient of the world’s first complete double arm transplant scratched his head and back and beamed at his doctors Wednesday, saying he was on the path to independence a year after the pioneering operation. Farmer Karl Merk, who lost his arms just below the shoulder in a [...]

Man with HIV cured by stem cell transplant

In a remarkable breakthrough an HIV-positive man appears to have been cured by a stem cell transplant. Timothy Ray Brown received the transplant in 20…

Windpipe Transplanted Twice in Same Patient

Linda De Croock was injured in a traffic accident 25 years ago that left her with a crushed windpipe. Since then, her throat has been held open by metal stents until a new procedure in organ transplant gave her a new trachea. Dr. Pierre Delaere and his team at the University Hospital in Leuven, Belgium [...]