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The Missing Links: T.Hanks A Lot

Trampoline Bridge! Oh. My. God. Trampoline Bridge. Tram. Po. Line. Bridge. That makes me feel like this. Speaking of The Simpsons… * Happy 55th Birthday, Dan Castellaneta Celebrate the birth of the voice of Homer Simpson by discovering four Simpsons controversies that didn’t end in lawsuits. * T.Hanks for the Great Costume Ideas This clip from The Colbert Report is [...]

Mudd, the Bouncing Bulldog

(YouTube link) Mudd is so happy to bounce around that he has to bark about it! Mudd’s trampoline has covered springs, a safety net, and an open escape hatch. It’s a dog’s life. -via Bits and Pieces

The Most Coveted Toys of the ’90s

Remember Moon Shoes, and how your mom wouldn’t buy them for you no matter how clean you kept your room or how heavy the hints, not even for Christmas? I’m projecting here. I never had Moon Shoes, but I really, really wanted them. (Thanks, Mom.)   Clearly I wasn’t the only kid longing for the ability [...]

Trampoline Fails

(YouTube link) One of the first questions a pediatrician asks a new patient’s family is “Do you have a trampoline?” along with “Do you always use proper child restraints in the car?” Here you see a few of the horrible things that can happen when you jump on a trampoline -and these clips don’t include people [...]

Heavy Metal God In The Form Of An 8 Year Old Girl

(YouTube Link) This 8 year old girl is about to change the world of heavy metal forever, by bringing some refreshingly new subject matter to the scene-household pets. Watch as Juliet gets hardcore singing about how much she loves her goldfish, and her dog, don’t even think about messing with her dog, or she’ll jump off the [...]

Cat Disturbed on Trampoline

(YouTube link) Lesson learned: a child’s trampoline is not the most peaceful place to take a catnap. -via Buzzfeed