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5 Reasons to Feel Uneasy About Canada

Maple Leaf image via Shutterstock I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been complimented on the safe, peaceful oasis that is my homeland. I’ve been petted and cooed at in public; laughed at by airport security when my passport was presented; had my socks pilfered during a routine mugging in Baltimore after a red and [...]

Crazy FuncoLand Training Videos

(YouTube Link) Apparently the managers of FuncoLand, the equivalent of Gamestop in the 1990s, are crazy creeps from another dimension that delight in torturing new employees while acting like trailer park royalty. This 2 part training video probably made new hires wonder whether they’d just made a huge mistake, and watching these videos made me nostalgic [...]

11 Clever and Creative Gingerbread Structures

A gingerbread house is a delightful combination of food and art. Some bakers go way beyond the call of duty in their holiday creations and deserve to be seen even years after the gingerbread is dismantled (or eaten). In this list you’ll see houses, mansions, skyscrapers, pop culture recreations, and even math! 1. Falling Water This gingerbread [...]

Gingerbread Trailer Park

The Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons will hold their 4th annual Gingerbread Trailer Park competition this Saturday night in Atlanta. The entries are judged on their creativity and “Christmas-iness”. Gingerbread is not required, but entries must be made of at least 90% edible materials. Looking through the photos of last year’s competition, I see that [...]