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Crescent Shaped Air Traffic Control Tower in Abu Dhabi

Photo: Michael Renner/Flickr All large airports have Air Traffic Control (ATC) towers, and most of them, well, look just like any ol’ air traffic control towers. But it [...]

Dues Ex Machina

Living in Los Angeles, it’s hard not to notice the motorcycles. Whether it’s the loud choppers rolling down Sunset, or the rocketing crotch-rockets dodging in and out of traffic on the 405- they are everywhere. If I was invincible, a motorcycle would by my primary mode of transportation- but alas much to my chagrin I [...]

Why Are Traffic Lights Red and Green?

Red and green images via Shutterstock The very first traffic light, installed outside the Houses of Parliament in London in December 1868, had red and green gas lamps for nighttime use. The device was pretty crude, and less than a month after it went operational, it exploded and killed the unfortunate traffic cop who was operating [...]

Traffic on California Highways in the 1950s

Psst, Californians – did today’s traffic jams on the 5 and the 405 make you wish for the good ol’ days? You know, when the freeways flowed freely like a wild river? Well, maybe [...]

Traffic Mimes

Forget traffic cops! The traffic situation in Caracas, Venezuela is so bad that the mayor called in the heavy guns: traffic mimes. You read that right: A sort of silent shame has cropped up in South American cities, [...]

Road Frustration Index

How bad is traffic right now across the United States? Thanks to Audi, we now have Road Frustration Index, a real-time map of how frustrated drivers in your city are, at any given moment (all I can say is "calm [...]

Slug Stops Traffic

How does a common garden slug bring traffic to a standstill? It happened in Darlington, England last Friday morning. Traffic lights went out and a contractor was brought in to repair the control box. They found that a slug had gotten into the controls and short-circuited them. Councillor Chris McEwan said he’d received many complaints [...]

Astronomers debate China UFO origin

A large glowing sphere sighted hovering over Shanghai and Beijing has astronomers talking. The East China Air Traffic Control Bureau were alerted of t…

Traffic Light Hourglass

Tired of waiting at traffic lights? Well, its inevitable, isn’t it? Perhaps it would help if you knew how long you had to wait at the light. Designer designed this traffic light that would let you know exactly how long you had to wait or exactly how long you have to scoot through! Although I’m [...]

More Crazy Intersections & Traffic Jams

“QUANTUM SHOT” #701Link – by Avi Abrams The only thing that helps while stuck in traffic is knowing that somewhere others have it worse This page will come as a stress-reliever for many – seeing how others are also battling horrid commute traffic jams and ridiculously complex interchanges every day. We covered this topic before – see [...]