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Traffic on California Highways in the 1950s

Psst, Californians – did today’s traffic jams on the 5 and the 405 make you wish for the good ol’ days? You know, when the freeways flowed freely like a wild river? Well, maybe [...]

Archive: November 2011

The World’s Largest Ship Propellers Steel behemoths propelling huge ships Heavy Machinery in Trouble! (Wow Pics) The heavier they are, the harder they crash Surreal Art Update: Glass Garage Gallery Not afraid of “pretty”, but still pretty weird Luigi Colani Radical Designs Update These forms cry out “FUTURE!” in a way that cannot be ignored. Wild’n'Wooly Printer Concepts Printers cannot always be evil. Here [...]

EN-V – Electric Battery Power Concept Motor Car Engine 2011

An electric car is a plug-in battery powered automobile which is propelled by electric motor Car designers have come up with the perfect solution for all those motorists tired of traffic jams and lack of parking spaces. The two-seat EN-V (Electric-Networked Vehicle) is designed to alleviate those common driver concerns – as well as address environmental [...]

Food Delivered in Underground Tubes

Considering the pollution and congestion on our roads, could it be time for the return of pneumatic tubes for deliveries? A British project called Foodtubes proposed that a network of high-speed pipelines be built underneath the United Kingdom to deliver food shipments from source to city. The food would sail along in small capsules at upwards [...]

Lawnmower + Boat = Shortcutter

John Hinton of Horsham in West Sussex, England, combined a boat and a lawnmower to make a vehicle he can drive around traffic jams by slipping into a canal. John’s ‘Shortcutter’, made from a sit-on lawnmower and an old boat, can chug along the roads at a ‘relaxing’ 9kph (6mph), then take to the water at [...]

Mooning of the Amtrak Train

Mooning of the Amtrack Train The pants were down but so was the size of the crowd for a bizarre ritual in Southern California. It’s the annual “Moon Over Amtrak” event in the Orange County community of Laguna Niguel in which people line up to moon passing commuter trains. It began as a bar bet in 1979 and [...]

Man Builds Batmobile Replica for $1 Million

Photo: Simon Måssebäck Simon Måssebäck of Sweden spent about $1 million building his own Batmobile. It’s built onto the chassis of a 1973 Lincoln Continental and has a 700 hp engine. Like the, uh, real Batmobile, it’s loaded with all sorts of gadgetry: There’s sat-nav to help you find the scene of the crime (and other helpful [...]