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Ancient Roman shipwreck discovered

A Roman trading ship from the 1st century BC has been found laden with cargo off the coast of Italy. The wreck is in such a good condition that it is …

High Tech Sports Trading Cards

Old-fashioned sports trading cards came with a piece of gum (they actually were a bonus for buying the gum). The next generation of trading cards comes with a LCD screen and 20 minutes of video about the player! Oh, they are still made mostly of cardboard, but will hold 2GB of storage. How do you [...]

World’s biggest gold coin sold

A Spanish precious metals trading company bought the world’s largest gold coin Record Ever for £2.68 million, its exact material worth, from the estate of an insolvent investment firm at a rare auction in Vienna on Friday.The 220.5 lb piece, one of only five Canadian $1,000,000 Maple Leaf coins the Royal Canadian Mint has ever [...]

More The Trouble With Young People Trading Cards

Remember Donald Mill’s collection of Young People: The Trading Cards we featured before on Neatorama? Well, the crabby old fart (hey, that’s what he called himself) has new ones. I’m particularly fond of #13 The Assclown: Find out more at Donald’s blog, aptly titled The Problem with Young People: Link