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Flash Flood in Las Vegas

Tiffany and I were in Las Vegas a couple of days ago for a trade show, when our flight back was delayed because of lightning near the airport. We don’t usually associate rain with Las Vegas, but occasionally it does [...]

The Insidious Cost of Ringtone Piracy

I’ve covered the brouhaha over laws like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. But in this five-minute TED Talk, Rob Reid brilliantly explains what I had been missing all along: Copyright Math™. By going through a series of claims by entertainment industry shills Copyright Mathematicians™, Reid reveals the shockingly absurd “truth” about media piracy: [...]

Smell of Books: A Product I Wish Were Real

Oh, how I wish this were real. I would very much buy Smell of Books™, available in five signature fragrances (three of which are shown above). The notion is to add that comforting book smell back to an era when many of us are stuck using fragrance-free ebooks. From the description of [...]

Tracing Poacher Hunters In The Congo

You probably already know about the devastating poaching trade in the Congo, but Environmental Graffiti has a great slideshow presenting a fascinating look at the tale from an entirely new point of view -that of the park rangers fighting the poachers on a day to day basis. Their jobs are deadly and the pay is [...]

Elephants could be extinct in 15 years

Conservation experts have warned that African elephants could be extinct within 15 years due to the illegal ivory trade, the 600,000 strong popula…

Robot Pancake Sorting Machine Operates With Deadly Speed, Accuracy

For today’s weird video enjoyment, I bring you this bizarre promotional video for ABB Robotics and Honeytop Pancakes, in which it is revealed that ABB’s robots can sort and stack pancakes at superhuman speed. The repeated shots of the robot’s huge “FlexPicker™ Arms” grabbing and stacking pancakes remind me distinctly of The Matrix, in which [...]