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Combat Creatures

In February, we introduced you to Jaimie Mantzel and his Greatest Toy in the Universe. At the time, the toy didn’t even have a name, much less a manufacturer. But things move fast, and the company Wow! Stuff is shipping a line of toys based on Mantzel’s prototype in time for Christmas. His model is [...]

Partysaurus Rex

(Disney Video link) Disney/Pixar’s new animated short features Rex, the toy dinosaur from Toy Story. Who says T. rex couldn’t use his arms for anything useful? -via The Daily What Geek

That’s One Patient Pup

(Video Link) It must be a toy if it moves so nicely when you swat at it. That puppy sure is kind for not getting mad though. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Mom Found Son’s Long Lost Toy

Liam lost his stuffed toy, a little blue monkey named Ah-Ah, on a family trip three years ago. He was, understandably devastated – but his mom never gave up looking and one day … The [...]

10 Peculiar Things Public Schools Have Banned

We’ve all heard stories about schools banning books or gang-affiliated clothing, but there are many less-publicized bans in effect. Here are ten of the more interesting cases. 1. Pogs Remember Pogs? The game featured cardboard discs printed with some kind of design on one side (sometimes a TV show or company promo), and was played by stacking [...]

A Vending Machine That Lets You Make Your Own Toy

This big old, shiny vending machine that lets you make your own toy, according to the designer toy molds contained within each machine. So far they’ve only made the Helper Dragon by Tim Biskup, but you’ve gotta start somewhere… Kids these days get to buy Tim Biskup toys out of a freakin’ vending machine?! *sigh* They’re living [...]

Sand Art by Gunilla Klingberg

Remember playing with a toy that creates patterns in sand or Play-Doh? Well, artist Gunilla Klingberg took it to the next level: she used a tractor outfitted with special treads!

Baby’s First Butcher Shop

In Victorian times, a toy like this detailed butcher shop from 1840 wouldn’t be all that unusual. It’s just one of several such butcher shops, dollhouses, and other adult scenes that were common playthings for children whose families could afford them, featured at Collector’s Weekly. You’ll even see a detailed dollhouse dating back to 1673! [...]

22 Incredibly Creepy Toys

Now isn’t this just a lovely thing to have around for the kids? I wish I knew the original source of this picture. It looks like something you may be able to purchase at Etsy, although the human teeth may make it a limited edition toy. It’s part of Buzzfeed’s collection of 22 incredibly creepy [...]

Kawehi Loops Gotye’s Somebody I That Used To Know

Looping pedal ain’t exactly new, but we love how Hawaiian singer Kawehi Wight (Blog) uses it (along with a toy electric conga and a toy piano) to cover Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. Take a look: hit play or go to Link [...]