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How Toy Story 2 Was Almost Lost Forever

(Video Link) While Toy Story 2 was in production, someone at Pixar accidentally typed in a command that erased the drives on which the animation files were stored. Most of the film vanished in 20 seconds. A whole year of work. Just…gone. This is the story of how Pixar employees rescued the movie. -via io9

The Missing Links: Enter the Anger Room

That Nuclear Disaster Could Have Been A Real Kodak Moment The bankrupted camera company apparently had a whole bunch of dangerous material – and barely anyone knew it. * Whether You Love This Idea or Hate This Idea, It’ll Work Perfectly For You This brilliant idea is like that printer smashing scene from Office Space times a million. * This Guy [...]

The Sequel Map

Which movie sequels are better than the originals? Box Office Quant crunched the numbers using the ratings at Rotten Tomato to find the answer. The originals’ scores are on the X-axis, and the sequels’ scores on the Y-axis. Above the line is better than the original; below the line is worse than the first. Only [...]