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Kitty Twitty Cat Toy Lets Your Cat Tweet You Any Time It Wants

Marc de Vinck’s wife misses her new cat when she goes to work and always bug him for updates. So what’s a geek to do? Chester is a spunky little stray who’s always looking for [...]

7 Literal Cat Theives

I absolutely adore Miss C’s recent Mental Floss post profiling criminal cats. This little guy is my favorite, as Frankie is all about stealing these leopard toys: Frankie the tomcat likes toys of all kinds, but he has an obsession with plush leopards…The cat collected 15 copies of the same small plush leopard, which his owner [...]

Tiny Meals Cooked and Served

(Video Link) Konapun is a Japanese toy that was produced by Bandai between 2007 and 2009. It allowed children to cook what convincingly appears to be food, but is not actually edible: The toy goes to amazing lengths to make it look and feel like a realistic cooking process. So for example, if you are making something [...]