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15 Enchanting Red Windows from Around the World

There’s something about a touch of red on a home that makes you smile. Environmental Graffiti collected pictures of windows all over the world that stand out with red frames or shutters, or even both. Link (Image credit: Flickr user Alessandro T.)

Fancy Dresses Inspired By The Avengers

These Avengers inspired dresses, which were designed by Kelsey Michele, are bringing a touch of couture to comic book culture, and they look like a fun way to show the world you’re a geek with loads of class! Sadly, they’re still at the conceptual drawing phase, but I’ll smile my face off if I ever see someone [...]

The Swine N’ Cheese Sandwich

This Insanewich brings a touch of class to a common sandwich. It’s ham, salami, capaccolo, pancetta and various cheeses served in an elegant, if awkward manner. This one is paired with a Barolo — an Italian red wine. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Study: ‘ET should have found us by now’

New research has suggested that an alien race should have been in touch by now, mathematically speaking. The study goes on to suggest that we are actu…

10 Repairs You Should Never Pay For

Sometimes you need to get in touch with a plumber, but many times you can actually fix the clog yourself with a little elbow grease. Same thing with headphones, cars and bikes. LifeHacker has a great collection of things you can fix yourself in many cases along with links on how to do the repairs. Link

Canadian Library Will Loan Out People as Well as Books

For centuries the public library has been a great source of knowledge through books. Now one library in Canada is opening up the scope of how you acquire knowledge at the library; by offering up skilled people. Why read a history book when you can talk to a historian? The program is far less insidious than [...]

World’s first bionic fingers unveiled

Scientists at Livingston based Touch Bionics have unveiled the ProDigits, the world’s first bionic fingers. It is hoped that the motor-powered…

Conductive Gloves For Touch Screens

Touch screen iPhones and other gadgets are cool, but if you can’t use them with gloves, you might just get way too cold depending on where you live. Fortunately, Instructables has a detailed set of instructions for making your gloves conductive so they can still work with your touch screen devices. Link Via Craftzine