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Why the Tortoise Wouldn’t Eat

Margaret Parker of Carlisle, England, found a five-inch-long tortoise in her garden. The miniature tortoise was cute, so she brought it inside and tried to feed it. Parker’s daughter brought some lettuce for it, but it still wouldn’t eat. So the women called Knoxwood Wildlife Rescue Centre for advice, and a volunteer was sent out. [...]

Last Pinta giant tortoise has died

Thought to be around 100 years old, Lonesome George was the last Pinta giant tortoise known to exist. As the only member of his subspecies, George was…

Tortoise Eating a Salad

(YouTube link) A Sulcata tortoise enjoys a salad, which probably took hours in real time. With time-lapse photography and a dramatic soundtrack, he’s an unstoppable eating machine. -via Geekosystem

‘Extinct’ Galapagos tortoise may still exist

A species of giant tortoise thought to have been extinct for 150 years could still be alive. The tortoises were thought to have been hunted to extinct…

Kevin vs. the Tomato

(YouTube link) There’s nothing a tortoise likes better than a fresh tomato -just ask any tomato gardener! Kevin is no exception, but he desperately needs a teeny little pair of tortoiseshell glasses. He has terrible depth perception. The poor thing does get a bit or two eventually. -via Buzzfeed

Open Wide!

The little tortoise isn’t waiting. He wants to swallow the whole strawberry in one gulp! Link -via The Mary Sue | Photo: Haley L.

Chase Scene

(YouTube link) Jesef, in a motorized wheelchair, is chased by a desert tortoise named Cruiser. As exciting as this is, I can’t help but think it needs more Yakety Sax. -via Buzzfeed

Tortoise Steals Barbecue

(YouTube link) Being a tortoise, he couldn’t make a quick getaway, so the barbecue was eventually recovered by its rightful owners. -via Arbroath

178-year-old tortoise is oldest animal

Jonathan the tortoise is the oldest known animal alive today having survived for almost two centuries. Jonathan arrived on the South Atlantic island o…

Meet Tim, the tiny grape-sized tortoise

The tiny Kleinmann tortoise at only one-month old weighs just 6g and is no larger than a grape. Originally from Egypt and Libya these tiny reptiles ar…