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Little Girl Writes Threatening Letters to Tooth Fairy Demanding Payment

Even as a child, Annisa, now 32, liked to keep her records straight. She had some open accounts with the Tooth Fairy and wanted to close them. So Annisa wrote a series of increasingly aggressive letters to her. The Tooth Fairy was going to pay. One way or another. Nice wings you got there. It would be [...]

Melting Chocolate Lamp

Your dentist will love this lamp because you’ll break a tooth if you try to eat it. Nemo’s lamp appears to be made from slowly melting chocolate that is disappointingly inedible. Link -via Flavorwire | Designer’s Website

‘Tooth patch’ developed in Japan

Japanese scientists have invented a tooth coating that could revolutionize many aspects of dentistry. The ‘tooth patch’ consists of a microscopically …

Tiny Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches Are about an Inch Wide

Erica of Erica’s Sweet Tooth made these adorable cookies that look like tiny sandwiches. Like all proper peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, these contain vodka. You can find her recipe at the link. Link -via Foodiggity

The Tooth Fairy App

How much should the tooth fairy pay per tooth? There’s an app for that! See if you’re paying below market rate for your children’s teeth: Kids found an average $3 per tooth under their pillows this year, up [...]

‘Tooth tattoo’ could save your life

A ‘tooth tattoo’ made from silk strands and gold wires could detect life-threatening illnesses. The device is still in development but could one day b…

Tooth Tattoo Will Tell You Why You’re Sick

Usually, your tooth will ache to tell you that something’s wrong but that’s before the days of the tooth tattoos. If Mike McAlpine of Princeton University has his ways, we all will be sportin’ [...]

Tooth-Shaped Cupcakes

Erica has a sweet tooth, and that’s a good thing because she’s a dental student. She made these cupcakes and you can, too, by following her instructions at the link. When you see the Baron, remember the tooth! The tooth! Link -via Bit Rebels

John Lennon’s Tooth

Baby, you’re a rich man … and a hardcore Beatles fan, so while money (that’s what I want) can’t buy you love, it can certainly buy the molar of John Lennon: The tooth was given [...]

Bacon Candy

Bacon Candy – $5.95 Is your sweet tooth demanding something smoky, meaty, and sweet? Satisfy your inner beast with Bacon Candy from the NeatoShop.  Each delightful tin contains 12 bacony treats. Yummy! Be sure to check out the Bacon Store for more bacon fun! Link